November 10, 2015

10 on 10

Hey guys!  This month I'm linking up with Rachael over at The Classroom Game Nook for a fun linky that gives you a peek into my personal life.

10 on 10 means ten pictures on the tenth of each month. Here is my November 10 on 10!

My first three pictures are of the time I spent this year at my alma mater's Homecoming celebration.  Oklahoma State endured an unthinkable tragedy that day during the parade, and I am so thankful that my family and I did not attend.  We spent some time wearing smiles for my sweet baby girl, who was SO excited to be attending her first game (that she could remember), but our hearts were absolutely broken.  

Three generations of cowgirls!

MG loves the orange fountain!

MG and Auntie Em!

Halloween is of course, a holiday the littles look forward to every year.  I tend to just endure.  Haha! Although, I do love sneaking some Reese's from their buckets!  
TD is dressed as "Zuma" from Paw Patrol and MG is a "feather queen" (her words), aka, "masquerade girl."  Thanks to Uncle Vik and Aunt Jenn Jenn for bringing her the costume pieces from New Orleans so I didn't have to come up with anything!

Hubster and I dressed for a grown-up party, as Hunter and Doe. Although my dear BIL teased that I looked more like a kangaroo. You can tell by hubby's costume just how much he loves to dress up. :)

 Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, so I couldn't post this 10 on 10 without mentioning my grandparents.  My dad's parents were both World War II veterans, and I am so proud of the legacy they leave.  I miss them every day.  Gramps fought on Saipan and Memere was in the Canadian Air Force before moving to Oklahoma and meeting Gramps.  

My paternal grandfather, Loren, pictured left.

My maternal grandmother, Denise, pictured right.

 Today was MG's Veterans Day Program at school, and she was so proud to have her daddy and Gramps in attendance!

My last picture is not a great shot, but it means SO much to me.  This month I created and published my first large unit to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I created it first and foremost to use with my students, and we have been doing the activities in my Oklahoma unit over the past week.  I am so happy to see them excited about what they are learning!  It feels like such an accomplishment to create the materials for my students' learning myself! :)

There you have it!  Thanks again, Rachael!  I hope to link up again next month! You can check Rachael out over at The Classroom Game Nook!

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