April 13, 2016

Going Buggy in Kinder

When it comes time for spring, I am always excited!  I love the warmer weather, I love how the "light bulb" comes on for my Kinders, and I love the thematic units I teach!  One of my favorites this time of year is my insect unit.  I use Deanna Jump's Insects Math and Literacy Fun and Caitlin Clabby's Insects: Math, Literacy, and SO Much More! Both of these units have some really fun activities that my Kinders LOVE!

My favorite activities from Deanna Jump's unit are the Bugs Eye View and Candy Insect activities.

Caitlin Clabby has the cutest writing activity in her unit.  My Kinders loved it!

Two crafts that I do every year that are always a big hit are paper plate butterfly life cycles with noodles and coffee filter butterflies!  These are always a favorite!

I also do an insect take-home project every year that I turn into a hallway display in our main hall.  I LOVE this project so much! I want to state that I cannot take credit for this original idea.  One of my fabulous teaching teammates shared this idea with me!  I start by sending home a parent letter and a recording page.  I have both of these available for FREE right now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  (Just click the word "FREE" and it should get you there!) After I receive the insects and recording pages back, we paint some butcher paper at our tables.  I squirt blue and purple paint on the paper and let the Kinders go to town with some sponge brushes.  This is the MOST fun!    

Once the paper dries I trace each kiddo's hands three times (or however many it takes to get around 100 handprints).  Then I (and all the wonderful helpers I can find) spend hours cutting all those handprints out.  Once I am finished I use green butcher paper to make stems and leaves in the hall and start stapling handprints up willy nilly.  I finish by stapling our insects onto the flowers, and the flying insects above!  Some of the insects I leave in a plastic bag to keep their parts intact, or if they don't have another way for me to staple them to the wall.  Ta-da!

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