May 13, 2016

Best Ever Salt Play Dough

This recipe is adapted from one that a grandmother of a former student made when she came into my classroom to make with my students.  Her original recipe involved cooking the play dough, so I have modified it a little to be no-cook.  The modifications don't change the fact that this dough is AMAZING!  It is super soft, and stores for up to six months in a air tight container!  Another plus is that you can add your own colors, scents, or glitter to the dough.  The possibilities are endless!

I want you to have this amazing recipe!  Keep reading!

Dry Ingredients, ready to go!

Getting ready to add the wet ingredients!

What it all looks like before it's mixed together!

At first, the mixture will be really sticky and you will wonder if you did something wrong.  Don't worry!  It gets better as it cools!

I divided mine up into six nearly equal parts to color red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

My little helper, kneading the color in!

Just perfect for little hands!

All done!  So pretty!


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