July 22, 2016

The Best Videos for Teaching Kids About Coins

If your students are anything like mine, mastering the names and values of coins is one of the hardest math skills they will face.  I start introducing this skill almost immediately when school begins during our calendar procedures.  We continually practice and review, practice and review, practice and review.  Our math curriculum introduces each coin one at a time and we practice and review.  We sing songs, say poems, read books.  I show them giant versions of the coin and we note the differences.  I give them a clue for each coin. For example, quarter's clue is "big," nickel's clue is "smooth edges," dime's clue is "little," and penny's clue is "copper brown."  We sort plastic coins and I also expose them to the real deal.  I implore parents to have them sort and touch as many real coins at home as possible.  I send my students to math stations where they practice and review, practice and review, practice and review.

Then comes time to test them on coins.  I am just sure that they will know the names.  I call each precious Kinder babe to my table.  It never fails that I have more than expected that will shout "PENNY!" for one of the silver coins.  *FACEPALM*  This year was by far the best year I have had with my students mastering names and values of coins.  We did all of the above methods, and I also added in the videos below when we had 3-5 minutes of time gaps in our day that needed to be filled.  I had a teacher friend recommend one of these, and I discovered a couple.  I need to add that one or two of these videos made me want to pull all of my ever loving hair from my head.  However, my Kinders LOVED them.  They BEGGED me to watch them.  I honestly think that it helped them with their mastery of the skill!  So, without further ado, my short and sweet list of the best coin videos for kids:

1.  "Coin Song"

2.  "Coins!" by ABCmouse.com

3.  "Money Song" by Jack Hartmann

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