May 8, 2017

Quick and Easy Mother's Day Gift

It's that time of year!  The time where we frantically comb Pinterest for something fast and simple to do for Mother's Day with our precious students.  I want something that parents will actually use/display, and being the recipient of several school gifts, I know parents want something that their child actually helped to make. 

Last year, my students made canvas paintings.  While it was fairly easy, it took a series of days to complete.  I found this new idea on Pinterest, but the link just took me to a photo, so I'm not really sure who to credit with the original idea.  When I first pinned it, I was slightly intimidated, just because it is something new.  New projects give me a little anxiety.    However, I am so glad I gave it a try!

 ****DISCLAIMER:  Please forgive the low quality iPhone photos.  I didn't remember to take my good camera the day we made these!

I found these 2-pack frames at my local Walmart for about $1.80 something for the pair.  They are plastic with glass inserts.  They do have a little kickstand you can pop off the back and attach to make the frame stand up.  There are also holes for hanging it on the wall.  I chose 4x6 size solely based on the fact that it was cost efficient and my store had enough of that size in stock.

Before beginning the project, I cut some scrapbook paper I had on-hand into 4x6 size pieces.  When I do this next year, I will try to find some cute patterned paper to use!  I also cut some smaller lime green cardstock pieces for my students to cut their leaf and stem out of.  Approximately 2x4 and 3x4, if I was guessing.  It doesn't really matter too much.  I let the students choose their paper color and passed out all the pieces for just the paper/stem/leaf.  I modeled for the students how to cut the stem and then the leaf.  I also modeled a curved stem instead of straight.  I could have created a template for them to cut, but I really wanted each student's flower to look unique.  I spend a lot of time during art projects teaching the kids that our creations shouldn't all look the same, and perfect doesn't matter as long as we do our best.

I then collected all the papers and called the students one at a time to my table and asked each one to write his/her name in pencil at the bottom of the paper.  This way, they could fix a mistake if one was made.  I then traced over the pencil with a fine point black Sharpie. After this, I put the paper with the leaf, stem, and their name into the frame.  I DID THIS BEFORE I GLUED THE FLOWER. The student then chose what color of muffin liner (regular size, also found at my local Walmart) he or she wanted.  I placed the student's school picture that I had cut in a circle small enough to fit in the flower and glued it down.  I then hot glued the flower on top of the glass.  Done!  These turned out so cute, that I wish I could keep all of them!  My own little Kinder"garden."  Alas, I must let the little darlings gift their parents. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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