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So...it's October.  I promised you pictures of my classroom, "soon," back in August.  Then, school started, and we all know what a whirlwind of crazy and tired that is.  So...it's October.  I'm still crazy and tired, but a little less so!  And I'm finally ready to show you my classroom.  Let me just say first that my pictures aren't going to rival some I've seen on Pinterest.  I'm okay with that.  I like my classroom a lot.  In fact, I happen to love it.  I love the bright colors, and the fact that it didn't all come straight from a store.  I love that when I look around the room, it feels like a place my students and I have built together.  That makes me happy!  It's not fancy, but it's ours.  We think it's pretty great!

Right inside my door sits my student folder basket where students place their take-home folders each morning so that I can check them for notes.   Also, my dismissal clip chart, my line order and student job chart, some fun good-bye's for dismissal, transition task cards from Miss Kindergarten Love, and our library and lunch card basket.  The black shelf underneath is where I have students place lunch boxes and I put snacks that students bring for the day.

Right next to that are our box cubbies and our Rainbow Word bulletin board.  My Write the Room station basket, Poetry station basket and clipboards for the stations sit on top.  To the left is my rolling cart that holds our BUILD math stations.

On the other side of the doorway are our hallway chants, emergency procedures (on bulletin board), Literacy Station and BUILD Math Station rotation pocket chart, our early finisher tubs, also from Miss Kindergarten.  The cubbies underneath hold our writing journals, math journals, and take-home folders during the day.  The shelves to the right hold all our math manipulative tubs, puzzles, and games. You can spot our handy glue sponges stacked up high.  We love those things!
Our bathroom and sink are over to the back right.  

Straight in from the door is our classroom carpet area.  Our rules and our Reader's Workshop expectations (from Kim Adsit's unit) hang next to my teacher chair.  I use my teacher cart to store ALL THE THINGS.  We start each day with morning meeting at the carpet and we also gather here for stories, songs, math lessons, and many other games and activities.  I love carpet time!  The black table you see is our iPad station, and the light wood cart is a book display on the other side.  The tubs on the side you can see store all of our Literacy Station materials and I promise to post more on that later!  Trust me, it needs its own post!

I do my Word Wall a little differently than most.  I modeled it after No More Letter of the Week.  I DO teach Letter of the Week, because we use Saxon Phonics and it introduces a letter a week.  I should say that even though I do Letter of the Week, we are, of course, doing TONS of whole language activities all the time.  I have one student per letter who is the "Letter Expert."  They teach us about that letter and bring something from home that starts with the letter.  The Kinders LOVE this!

Our Writing Station is next to our carpet area, and storage drawers help keep papers organized.   My little orange pocket chart holds cards for different activities, such as Deedee Wills' Writing Station activities, which I LOVE.   The little bears you see on the tables are actually staple free staplers I found on Amazon and I love them!  

This awesome loft was built for me by an AMAZING dad of a former student who I am forever grateful for.  It freed up so much room in my classroom!  It houses my Reading Station.  Underneath is my Dramatic Play Station, which kind of looks like a hot mess, but I think it's just the angle of the picture.  The Kinders' favorite part is the old dial telephone!

Here is our calendar wall where we gather for calendar and other SmartBoard activities.  Oh, heavens.  Those cords.  Please don't judge me.  Or maybe do.  I am going to run right up to the school now and do something about those.  I almost didn't post this picture, and then I thought, this is real life.  This is what happens in classrooms.  Precious darlings pull on cords and we don't notice they are hanging down because we are too busy making sure everyone is getting along and keeping on task and no one has their hands in the guinea pig cage.

I got rid of my teacher desk the first day I moved into this building.  I use my teacher table for my desk.  How often are we really sitting in Kindergarten anyway?  You can see all my stacks and drawers which are super organized but now that I'm looking at them from here look kind of scary.  Oh, well.  Not Pinterest.  Real life, right? The light wood cart holds guided reading materials, and there is another rolling cart next to it with colored drawers that also holds guided reading materials.  The guinea pig cage is next to my desk so I can keep an eye on fingers poking into the cage, even though I am rarely at said desk.  I also have the largest pen collection known to woman kind on my desk and an array of binders full of papers that haven't seen the light of day in some time, but I can't bring myself to get rid of, because I might need that one paper for that one thing.  Also, have you noticed my Station signs hanging down in all these pictures?  They key students where to take the tub Literacy Stations to.

And here are some cabinets and my Paint Station and my microwave.  On top of that counter are my blue tubs where I organize daily plans and work.  There's also a sack of apples up there because this was taken right before my apple unit.  You can also see my Clip Chart hiding back there behind paint.  To the left of all this is my sink, my bathroom, and my Fine Motor station (sand table).  I use that small brown table for play dough, extra space during stations, or if I have another adult in the room (such as the student teacher I was blessed with this year), I might use it for another small group table. 

So that's that!  If you stayed with me through all that rambling, you deserve a gold star.  If you have any questions, or there was something you wanted to see but didn't, or you need a close-up, just leave me a comment!   

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